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Hylozoics Synthetic Anatomy Preface

The intention of these writings is to describe some rather less-known aspects of the published Ancient Wisdom Teaching. These publications summarize what has been given out regarding Hylozoics using the charts and depictions on hand which may condense blocks of information visually to serve as an efficient learning tool. Speculation is avoided, except where indicated ideas are based on published instruction which have been given to us.

A motivation for these publication is the desire to offer the few initial charts as a visual addition for the introduction to this knowledge to help give a general orientation to our metaphysical anatomy as described in Pythagorean Hylozoics. This effort seeks to benefit all the existing colleagues in this study, so as to re-synthesize the community and harmonize its thinking as to its system of knowledge. It is common sense that only the one community can grow, adding to its number, but that the splinter group action is long outmoded, though we are not out of its danger.

Down the centuries philosophers have speculated about the nature of life. Women and Men have been incapable of looking beyond the restrictive limits in consciousness and so have not been able to discern for themselves what only the Planetary Hierarchy could teach them. 

All these presentations are based on the primary work of Helena Blavatsky, Alice A. Bailey, Helena Roerich and the Swedish author H. T. Laurency. The H.T. Laurency Publishing Foundation has made tremendous efforts to present the important work of this Author. The presentation of this system of knowledge, by the Author in translation, offers the opportunity to make a thorough study. This is what we have had the opportunity to attempt.. 

As we survey the assortment of organizations on the ground today, in 2010, populated by students of the Ancient Wisdom, this significant Author is unknown or ignored, not studied or acknowledged. Such a situation is significant, since the books are nothing if not the tremendous benefit to understanding which students need.

Finally it must be said that all messengers of the Planetary Hierarchy, faithful expositors of the Ancient Wisdom, including Blavatsky, Bailey, Roerich, and now Laurency have included some flaws in their presentations. Although they are very capable in the overwhelming mass of information they receive and present, there remain personality anomalies and limitations. They must operate in the world of their time and use the language of the then current science. They also sometimes are critical of other presentations which from our perspective are totally underserved. There are certain hidden instances where the Authors I champion here have criticized each other. It takes a strong heart to see this disappointing outcome, to see someone with such breadth of knowledge making immensely valuable contributions declare something utterly indigestible regarding another messenger of Hierarchy. This happens but it must not deter us now from overlooking the minute flaws, no matter how hurtful and potentially damaging, and make use of the vast volume of ideas otherwise presented for our edification.  All esoteric knowledge is presented as a 'working hypothesis' to be held and evaluated by each student and gradually corroborated in experience until a system of useful orientation is built up that provides views about life that are most tenable and answer most grand questions in the most currently intelligent and sublimely beautiful way. It is up to us to study and interpret and make use of the knowledge given us to date. Only in this way will we be privileged to receive the vast amounts of further information which the Planetary Hierarchy wishes to provide.

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