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And Selected Definitions

In these pages I shall assume my reader is interested in the subject and willing to observe the indications given.

At the outset it is critical to understand the correct definition of terms and their use in the proper contexts is foundational.  We are coming out of a period of extreme confusion on the subject I wish to present and it is due in large part to the issue of DEFINITION OF TERMS and their correct contextual settings.

Here are some TERMS which have a peculiar meaning in the Teaching of Pythagorean Hylozoics or else have acquired or been given particularly negative definition or prejudice.

HIERARCHY, or 'The Hierarchy' - or "the Planetary Hierarchy":  This carries a stigma today, since all we have been inundated with is the idea of a controlling, domineering, exclusive, competitive, invisible, divisive, discriminative chain of command, animated by the usual liturgy of human frailties and counteracting the evolution of consciousness.  In fact there are at least two hierarchies, only one is the Planetary Hierarchy which is in the precise terminology of esoterics.  An earthly, human hierarchy is not intended.  Any suggestion of evil or lack of freedom associated with 'The Planetary Hierarchy' is entirely obviated by the truth and the correct understanding of this term.

According to the Ancient Wisdom Tradition revived almost 150 years ago, everything is triune, with three distinct synthetic Aspects. Space is a life, alive, or filled with Life, if you prefer.  Systems of Worlds are powerful Lives beyond our understanding.  On our planet three great groupings follow this trinity and the second or mediating One is represented by the planetary "Hierarchy".  The first is a planetary "Government" (another arbitrary and somewhat unfortunate term, as it surely does not resemble governments currently on earth), with many other Names, such as Shamballa.  It represents the Dynamic Aspect, 'Hierarchy' represents the Consciousness Aspect.  The third is called 'Humanity' and it represents the Third or Matter Aspect.

Just as each of these three great Collective Lives is teeming with Individuals called Monads, Hierarchy is a Community of Lives Who the wise revere, as They represent and serve the great Future of Humanity and all Beings (monads).

"Monad" is another term we shall define later.  Here there is a difference within the Ancient Wisdom Teachings and this calls for an important adjustment and clarification in the application of Terms to be used in Ancient Wisdom Hylozoic Teachings.

ATOM.  This word is used differently from modern physical science.  "Atom" was intended originally to me the smallest thing.  So now the atom of science is not really an atom.  But in Hylozoic esoterics there is one PERMANENT ATOM associated with each of the Seven Solar Systemic Worlds. (43,44,45,46,47,48,49).  And these atoms are 43:1, 44:1, etc. down to 49:1.  In any event the atom of Hylozoics is not the atom of science.

MONAD in Hylozoics has a special meaning as a PRIMORDIAL ATOM, that life essence entity that descends and then evolves though all kingdoms including and beyond the human, adopting mastery in ever higher kingdoms, focussed in whatever permanent atoms it has activated.


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