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H.T. Laurency Website

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Word file - my 24-page file showing the vast subject area covered in these books.

The Knowledge of Reality

The Philospher's Stone

The Way of Man

Knowldge of Life One

Knowldge of Life Two

Knowldge of Life Three

Knowldge of Life Five

Related Works


Baisic Esoteric Dictionary

The Explanation




Some few note-taking charts of pages from The Knowledge of Life Three, Chapter 14, on the Grand Anatomy page.

H. P. Blavatsky and Theosophy

The Secret Doctrine
The Mahatma Letters

H. Roerich and the Agni Yoga series.

17 Titles plus 2 volumes of Letters

All in a simple powerful searchable website of the Agni Yoga Society.

Leaves of Morya's Garden I

Leaves of Morya's Garden II

New Era Community

Agni Yoga

Infinity I

Infinity II



Fiery World I

Fiery World II

Fiery World III



Supermundane I

Supermundane II

Supermundane III

Supermundane IV


Letters of Helena Roerich,Vol. I

Letters of Helena Roerich, Vol. II

Alice. A. Bailey Works on-line: 18 Titles

Initiation, Human and Solar

Letters on Occult Meditation

The Consciousness of the Atom

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire [my notes]

The Light of the Soul

The Soul and Its Mechanism

From Intellect to Intuition

A Treatise on White Magic

From Bethlehem to Calvary

Discipleship in the New Age Vol. I

Discipleship in the New Age Vol. II

Problems of Humanity

The Reappearance of the Christ

The Destiny of the Nations

 Glamour: A World Problem

Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle

The Unfinished Autobiography

Education in the New Age

The Externalization of the Hierarchy

A Treatise on the Seven Rays: Vol. I

Esoteric Psychology Vol. II––

Esoteric Psychology Vol. III––

Esoteric Astrology Vol. IV––

Esoteric Healing Vol. V––

The Rays and the Initiations


I have scanned my 'notes' on the first few pages of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire as they reflect on the structure represented by Hylozoics, its complexity and the simplicity of its recurring forms. [coming soon].





Francia La Due

Teachings of the Temple I, II, III

My Commentary on dated material and science terms








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