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Issues Regarding Publishing

The body of the entire published Works of the Authors responsible for communicating knowledge from the Planetary Hierarchy is rather large. I cannot write as someone who has studied it all. But it is evident that, as much of a student as I have been, coming nearer the end of my life, it becomes reasonable to attempt to summarize what I have learned as well as interpret the significance of the data by giving a general perspective on various contemporary issues related to these studies.

My study of H. T. Laurency is ongoing. Text-to-speech mp3 files allow surveying of many chapters while doing other things, but precludes careful study and note-taking. Sometimes I have gone over the same material repeatedly. Sometimes I made notes with an pencil drawing illustrations. And this study includes many other sources.

The more is studied of Laurency these days in particular, the more I see the great volume and diversity of useful explanation to be found there. This mass of accumulating knowledge continually overrides any objectionable or questionable notions or qualities that might be singled out. The more one reads, the more justification one feels for continuing the study. The work is eminently harmonious, and various sections elaborate on what was previously mentioned.  there is repetition, but as another Teacher of Agni Yoga has said "We shall not weary of repeating ." The fact is that even with repeated reading often one remains blind to certain things, and understanding is slow in coming.

Laurency says that the real suffering of the one depicted as the 'suffering saviour' was the observation of the confusion, chaos and ignorance in the world of men. As the words put in His mouth in the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas: "I marvel at this, how this great wealth has inhabited this poverty". It is into a world of seeming great ignorance of these Teachings that I share these writings. Knowledge has of course greatly increased, as Daniel predicted, but familiarity with this system of knowledge appears yet far behind.

I listen to people express themselves, teach, counsel, give advice, complain, narrate or pontificate as scientists or any kind of 'expert', and  look and listen as I might, I hear no trace of evidence that this understanding has penetrated to any extent into common knowledge. This is both advantageous and challenging for a would-be author. There is widespread ignorance of the Teaching among students of these things and the population at large, including very many young people with very little chance to get a trace of this in their common sources of knowledge. In this case avery basic general orientation is necessary. Preparation seems needed for some, lest they be overwhelmed by details which they cannot relate to their lives.

There is, however a widespread assortment of aspirants, students and spiritually-oriented individuals, devotees, followers, etc., that either have their own ideas and speculation, or have taken up one or some of the myriad systems and approaches which are available in the world, some of which are offered or sold with glowing self-appointed credentials.

In planning, a very wide audience is conceived.  My readers are far from equal in physical age, let alone metaphysical age.  Each has a unique capacity of interest and understanding.  In the spirit of this web presentation is a sense of connection with as wide a number and kinds of people as possible, from youngsters to advanced in years and discipleship.

To try and tailor a presentation for a quick clarity of understanding in the widest spectrum of potential readers is a challenge. Some amount of compromise seems unavoidable. One encounters a situation in which scepticism is rampant and many people make snap judgments and are confident that they are correct.  These most often immediately find their comfort in ridicule and rejection.

It would be accurate and correct to list the greatest Authors of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings and point people to all those volumes with the promise that what they really need to know to evolve and be happy and fulfilled is in there. But this would have very little effect. People would need a careful study plan and apply themselves for a long time. Unless there is some great spark creating strong enduring interest (which happens to a few people, such as the author) they would not do this.

Therefore the entire notion and tenor and wise orientation and important useful facts of the Hierarchical perspective and especially Hylozoics needs to be presented in a more easily digestible way.  Hopefully this will be only one attempt among many.  Like every other notion thought to be good, it is expected that one day soon the facts presented will have been taken up and utilized by human beings. These hypotheses, if considered a truthfully tenable addition to human thinking as expected  then they will be recognized to have a capacity to solve philosophical, metaphysical, spiritual and religious problems and contribute to physiological, psychological, mental and spiritual health.

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