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Hylozoic Human Synthetic Anatomy

Chapter Two

The Cosmic Physical Plane

Hylozoic Anatomy Cosmic SketchIn the Cosmic Physical scheme, there are three Triads of the First, Second and Third Selves.  The Second and Third Selves are already far beyond the experience and comprehension of almost all people.  What humanity faces now is the great transition from the first to the second self, from the fourth or human kingdom to the fifth or 'kingdom of God'.

Three Lifewaves ImageIn this diagram, the names of the seven great planes are according to old Theosophical nomenclature.  These have been renamed, from the highest down, Manifestal (43), Submanifestal (44), Superessential (45), Essential (46), Causal-Mental (47), Emotional (48), and Physical (49).

The diagram on the right, from a Theosophical Publication in 1900 shows these same life-waves and the cosmic physical anatomy.  There have been many terms and much confusion about the levels, but although we might use the modern Hylozoic terms, we can use the numerical designations and avoid all ambiguity.Logos of a Solar System Theosophy 1900

The great Cosmic Physical Plane with its seven great divisions is made up of ever finer matter from physical solid through invisible etheric, plasma or quantum phenomena and through the finer substance of emotion, mentality, ideality as the purview of t

he First Self.  Our imminent prospect is to create the Rainbow Bridge across the last three sub planes of the mental world and begin to activate the matter of the Second Self, Buddhi or Essentiality. 

These diagrams show the Three Triads, the evolutionary goals within the Cosmic Physical Plane.  Second Selves are members of the Planetary Hierarchy and represent the Christ or Consciousness Aspect. Third Selves represent what has been called the Father, are associated with the Planetary Government and are very exalted, operating in ever finer matter and are ever greater collectives of Selves serving life.

Cosmic Physical Chart

Cosmic Physical Chart 2

In these sketches we see the physical, etheric, emotional, and mental planes.  In the sub-planes we see the divisions characterized by various qualities and abilities in human development.  The lower emotional region is repulsive, the higher is attractive.  The mental levels become more synthetic.  To be fully mentally developed involved the highest mental levels, the ideation and causal facts that concern the link to what is called Divine Mind, the Mental Permanent Atom 47:1.

The reference to the three Halls is a personal interpretation, as are the Sephiroth placement, which are one speculative relationship.  This Hylozoic system does harmonize with other systems such as the Tree of Life, and helps explain other enumerations given, such as the five-fold nature of man, which would include five worlds up to Atma.

Triads HT Laurency vs Alice BaileyNo messenger of the Planetary Hierarchy has ever been infallible, and mistakes have been made causing confusion.  Cosmic Physical Traditional BaileyLimited knowledge led authors to describe things beyond their knowledge as best they could, but these things can be later corrected.  H.P. Blavatsky and Alice Bailey called world 44 the Monad or Monadic, and they did not yet grasp the idea of the three great Triads which make up the firm points for the First, Second and Third selves in the Cosmic Physical worlds.  These all have a corresponding structure, two permanent atoms and a 'molecule' on the fourth sub-plane.  This difference is illustrated on the left is a comparison chart drawn up by Kent Hammarstrand.

Cosmic Physical Chart 3Another depiction.  The sephira associations are speculative.










Cosmic Physical Chart 4

A further elaboration on the design of the 'Cosmic Physical' anatomy.  Reference is from "PS", the Pholosopher's Stone by Laurency












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