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Some Basic Notions


It makes no sense at all to take an interest in Hylozoics and reject the reality-concept of re-embodiment and its corollary, causality and its effect. It is true that we build and work for the future. But the physical notion, whether of family offspring or life-extension has nothing to do with the Great Future in the sense understood by Hylozoics.

Latent Knowledge and ReincarnationHylozoics includes an understanding in what sense you return or have been here before. It has to do with the various components of our existence and tracing how they cycle in and out, based on an enduring pattern. Not all people are aware of the enduring pattern of themselves. This is the pattern that is carried forward to new conditions and panoramas of life and their ever-new opportunities.

The most basic kernel the has existed from 'the beginning', or at least at the primordial inception of this Great Cycle is called the monad.  It is indomitable life essence.  It was projected into all worlds, both dark and light.  It was projected to the depths of material being, of concretization of energy according to laws that are obviously admirable in science, beauty and caring.  This is the love-nature of the universe of which all humanity must again recognize.  Hylozoics is a true source of peace and mental comforts.  This is not like all the pacifiers normally handed out, all the offered advice for contentment in life.  This is important questions considered in new light and instilling value again in the study of all such things. 

The Hierarchy teaches Reincarnation and the reality of the effects of Karmic law across a very great number of our usual 'lifetimes.'

As monads our spiritual age may be the same as every other monad in this Great Cycle. Our psychological age, could depend on when the animal monad causalised  (entered the human kingdom, the time when a causal body is acquired) or when certain realizations or initiations occurred in former races. It might depend on when the monad which we are appeared on the planet. But the actual advancement of the monad and hence of the person is for ever afterwards dependent on a great many factors. In each of a colossal number of lives many decisions, successes and failures, advances and long delays are made.  Somehow we were committed to earth-like lessons.

The skeleton and anatomy called hylozoics is also related to sephira of Kabbalistic and magical tradition, which are related to initiation, or the gradual advancement of understanding by steps.  This is a very long prospect and procedure.  The hylozoic anatomical numbered landscape is seen to be the workable self-knowledge of sufficient scope. It expands from the the smallest to the largest, from the most primitive and base to the most developed and exalted. The general, authorized, approved and accepted process is development. In general, the quicker we proceed to our goal, the happier is our life. The slower our development, due to the nature of current decision and behaviour, the least happy we will be. Once humanity has the original treasure, the understanding of this ladder of advancement will increase.  It is a progression both in capacity to do useful things for life and the and mastery of great ideas, concepts and abilities.

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