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Significance of This

We live in a world beset by chaos. Certain things are held firmly in the grip of those who are able to understand.  Some are very external in their outlook toward geopolitics and their dynamic personalities are now uncovering the evidence for the machinations of intelligence deviated to purely selfish and isolated ends.  The perpetrators of such machinations cannot be entirely conceived of by decent and good people. Nevertheless those most gifted investigative reporters are courageous witnesses. Without witnesses humanity is blind.

Fighters for liberty of the media and whistleblowers at the edge of darkness calling out the pervasive injustices and atrocities in a great system of corruption that threatens the world, these rest upon true research, but they cannot proceed without some form of 'faith'. While their expertise is immense and they are able to broadcast their knowledge from Turtle Island yet with some window of impunity, they have no sufficient expertise in the bridging eschatology of modern times. That is the true concept of the ages and the processes currently being undergone by human bodies and human society. When one has a slim rational understanding in this field, and relies, wisely, on only a few words from a very old hackneyed book for spiritual sustenance, it behoves those who can rationally expand that universe for a brother or sister, to attempt to do it.

The supposed spiritual underpinnings of the freedom fighter for truth and justice today are infected with a crazy slew of confused information about psychic, angelic or extraterrestrial and 'other-dimensional' things. The political witness needs the balance of the witness to the orderly knowledge given by the Hierarchy, the community of sages of the past and their authors.

The condition is that few that have lived and engaged in the world's raw challenge as the freedom fighter today have had the opportunity to grapple for an entire lifetime with questions and answers regarding all the pertaining notions called spiritual or mystical, or magical or esoteric. Should there be any who have been given and taken this opportunity in life, these ought now to speak or publish, witnessing to the excellence of the new knowledge and understanding, which is like the bridge that spans an inconceivable gulf.

In this seemingly peripheral way, a great justification is apprehended, in that, the entire treasure of the true esoterics must be offered with a delivery system suitable to the current meta-organism, the collective human mind. Much of what was taught in private is coming out today, but it is a multiplicity of mostly unconnected systems and conceptions. At some point they can synthesize, but not while their disparate practitioners consider the others entirely in error. As in the nucleation of condensation of water or initiation of crystal, a certain particle, core or skeletal knowledge is needed that has the capacity to organize a great many descriptions and approaches under the persuasiveness of tenable validity across every discipline that is truly dedicated to truth, with practitioners that are open minded.

In short, a purpose of Hylozoics is to seek to vindicate and ennoble the entire neglected edifice of esoterics given to us since 1875, and offer it as a great supporting systems of understanding that has everything to do with human freedom, service and caring and the promotion of human development under the great law of love and truth without alloy, pretence or duplicity.  Just simply bolstering all the goodness of the divine Spirit in man with a new excellence in the understanding ourselves and the subtle world within and around us all.


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