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Hylozoic Human Synthetic Anatomy

Chapter One

Grand Anatomy

There have been many descriptions and enumerations of the human energetic anatomy and spiritual and metaphysical structure.  They have been based on different numbers, 5, 7, 9, etc. and various terms 'astral', 'higher self', etc.  Meanwhile there have been many attempts to define and organize the energetic nodes in the human body and their relation to glands and organs.  The symbolism of the body and that if the Universe are related.

Our attempt shall be to describe the basic enumeration which falls into place today based on a synthesis of teachings appearing over the last 150 years.  A grand system of  7x7x7 is the result.

Hylozoic Anatomy Cosmic SketchThese graphic sketches illustrate the grand scheme and where our existence, physical, emotional, mental and beyond, fits into this grand description of  reality.

All wisdom teachings are not to be taken on faith but as a working hypothesis.  This is because knowledge can only come about by the individual slowly discerning a personal synthesis of ideas which prove in the end to be the most tenable and supportable description of what is esoteric or metaphysical.  The entire edifice extends far beyond our current experience.  The physical universe extends virtually forever and holds countless discoveries for us.  In the same way this structure organizes and points to the tremendous attainments that are before us.  It describes worlds beyond the physical one of our senses and instruments, which is only the small and densest part of the Whole.  This Whole nevertheless extends down to our physical lives and to lower kingdoms.

Hylo Grand Anatomy Sketch 2In the latter half of the twentieth century Pythagorean Hylozoics was re-introduced using a numerical designation covering all the various 'planes' of our physical and subtle anatomy.  In the chart, an initial sketch, we see seven great Cosmic systems of 49 worlds or regions.  The lowest seven are our Solar Systemic Worlds.  Here is a pdf file of the chart. Each of the regions is divided into seven sub-regions, making 343 sub-regions in all.  The names of the regions of the Cosmic Physical system, from the bottom and most dense, are Physical, Emotional and Mental.  The 3 lowest sub-regions of the Physical region are Solid, Liquid, Gaseous.  Hylozoics assigns an organized numbering system to the entirety, achieving one unified unambiguous international system of identification to which all other speculative systems can be compared and adjusted.  Hence the Physical is 49, Emotional 48, Mental 47.  Each of the sub-regions is designated with a colon:  49:7 is solid, 49:6 is liquid, 49:5 is gaseous.  Similarly each of the sub-regions of the Emotional and Mental and higher regions is given a name or quality in the presentation of Hylozoics.  These distinctions present and clarify the differences between people and the stages in human development that every individual (monad) can traverse in the evolution of consciousness in the human kingdom and beyond.

Three Lifewaves ImageAncient Wisdom Hylozoics Teachings include an all-embracing description of three great Life-Waves, corresponding to the three great Aspects of all Existence. The Third Aspect, Matter-Energy or Substance sent down a wave to the very nadir of existence, to its densest extent, 47:9, solid matter, in the mineral kingdom.  This Matter is also called Active Intelligence, the intelligent Mother-Aspect, providing a foundation for animated life.

The diagram illustrates its action in thecontext of the Cosmic Physical worlds 43-49.

The second Life-Wave is from the Second Aspect, Consciousness.  This outpouring descends by involution into denser and denser simple form to grow and evolve and struggle back up by utilizing forms of Matter-Energy to express the quest for awareness.

The third Life-Wave descends from Spirit or Dynamis in order to meet with evolving life (humanity) in what will be seen in our cosmic-physical worlds as the great transitional 'rainbow bridge' or 'egoic lotus' which makes the connection from the lower or concretizing mind of man across the Platonic mental world of pure ideation and ideals to the Divine Mind or Manas, which is the lowest extent of the next higher Triad of Being to which a human being may aspire, the connecting 'permanent atom' between the 'First Self' of the completed human personality in the 'three worlds' and the 'Second Self' consisting of the new Triad of Manas, Buddhi and Atma.  But all that takes place within the lowest seven worlds, the cosmic physical scheme.


A recent short study excerpt from Laurency's Knowldege of Life 3 Chapter 14, relates to our topic of the Grand Anatomy and Cosmic Worlds and yielded the following sketch-ups.  This is how I like to take these notes and the topic reflects and elaborates further the focus of this chapter.

Knowldedge of Life Three Chapter 14 notes fig 100


Knowldedge of Life Three Chapter 14 notes fig 101

Figure 101
102 and 103


Other notes to be published later.









Knowldedge of Life Three Chapter 14 notes fig 102








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