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Chapter Four

The Egoic Lotus

- disclaimer -

Lotus FlowerI don't pretend to understand, or conceive of the entire system of connections presented in several accounts of the Lotus.  I have chosen to present some material, with my own trappings, because of its universe of associated symbolism from the same tradition, it's clear appearance in charts from the so-called 'Secretary" of the Hierarchy - the much maligned 'Tibetan' D.K. I should add I mean strictly the books produced with Alice A. Bailey, and not a number of modern channelers who present an erroneous impersonation in his name.

Egoic Lotus 1These bits of information were taken as a hint from an otherwise benevolent, if not perfect, written tradition of synthetic Teachings. from what became a trusted Lodge, in the best sense. Therefore I have studied and sketched on this subject and want to share it. 

Egoic Lotus OfferingHylozoics is a backbone, a structure upon which the worlds within worlds can be hung.  And the offering of this flower image is said to be part of the riddle to true harmony in the inner and common understanding or Knowledge with respect to the transition from synthetic thought across the experience of a causal self in the world of pure ideation to approach the throne of the divine mind within.

These studies are by no means closed now, unfinished and inconclusive.  I just share this hint as an aid for fresh study, additional knowledge and greater conclusions.  But this is a beginning of a backbone of ideas we may be able to flesh out.

- end of disclaimer -

In the chart below on the right, the area of the First Self is enlarged.  I have added the location of the Triads.  What can be seen here is the idea of the Egoic Lotus which manifests in the Causal World, the three highest mental plane, between the concrete mind and the divine mind.  This lotus Egoic Lotus and the Centers Annotatedhas been described in the literature as having three sets of three petals and three inner petals.  This describes a symbolic unfolding of qualities and comprehension and also described the energetic linking that takes place in the Lotus.  It is like a great clearing-Egoic Lotus Simplehouse of energies, a grand central station of life-strands which are passed through from and between higher spiritual centres to the basic seven energy centers of the human being which exist in etheric, emotional and mental matter and from there to the actual organs and glands in the human physical system.  Understanding this linkage can potentially help physicians of all kinds to heal and maintain human physical as well as spiritual health.

Many initial attempts at tracing and elaborating the connections were devised in graphic form and here are some of the attempts to accurately catalog the relationship which is taught in the Ancient Wisdom tradition.  This part of the structure of the bridge between the energy regimes, the bow in the cloud, a bridge in the sky of mind carried by the septenate spectrum of practically all things relating to ourselves. This has also been known as the antahkarana, which is also an energy channel with its polarity sutratma.

Lotus Energies 1There are three knowledge petals, three love and three sacrifice petals. Further perfections of connection with the strata nearer the Source are described in a sequence of attainments through three halls of learning.

This is an introduction and personally stylized presentation.  Saraydarian's  addresses this rainbow bridge in some detail, but the best material will be in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire.  [TCF]

In my view it relates to sunny Tiferet, heart of hearts, tying together the seven Sephira or Emanations: Foundation for perpetuity, the promise of Glorious Victory, the Reverberations of Judgement with Mercy, Understanding with Wisdom, aiming through Knowledge (Ruah ha Kodesh) to attain the Crown!

  Trees within the Tree Incidentally the Tree of Life combines in itself the Tarot steps of gradual attainment and a grand view of the perpetual template of ourselves, and modern understanding has reversed a probable 'blind', by simply numbering up rather than down the Tree.  Down is the impulse from on high, and impacts in three pillars, similar to the emanations, two of which meet in the 'Egoic' Lotus.  Though, I have concluded 'egoic' is a misnomer because of meaning confusion, and 'lotus' is a flower.  The meeting is in highest regions of mental states, with the need for certain understanding.  One hint to the possible riddle of doing more for our fellow-creatures using inner and subtle psychic energies to aid everywhere and every moment, this might entail learning details of our own nature from Those who have held this knowledge until there was a generation that could comprehend the superior authority of the subtle and fiery worlds and their inhabitants.


Various authors have described the nature of the lotus but it comes chiefly from the work of Alice Bailey.  The tentative graphic presentations drew on Laurency, Bailey, Saraydarian and Creme.

Lotus energies 2The numerical designation of origins and destinations of course relate to the Hylozoic numbering system and the centers in the various levels or bodies or selves, whether physical, emotional or mental.

In the figure on the right <may 24 2003>  the entire cosmic physical plane is laid out at the bottom.  The three triads, the basis of the three selves are shown with their distinct 2-atom 1-molecule structure.  You have MPA, mental permanent atom, then buddhic permanent atom, the next one should not be APA (atmic permanent atom) as that's a 'molecule'.  These are Laurency's distinctions.  I mention them to hint at other subjects or when your appetite for further investigation.  Rising from the mental molecule 47:4 the chakras for the mental body, from the emotional permanent atom 48:1 the emotional body chakras and then the etheric chakras with their petals form the lowest etheric subplane 49:4.  Cosmic Physical and Lotus Traditional BaileyThe published links are shown, connecting upper centers through the various petals to the mental, emotional and pranic centers.  Note that the highest emanation (dashed line) goes to the center of the lotus and from there directly to the highest human mental levels (47:4).  At that level the heart influences the emotional and pranic heart.  this is relevant in view of the extensive teaching on the human energetic heart in the teachings of Agni Yoga and corroborated in modern heart movements and essays such as Wingmakers' Energetic Heart.

Lotus Bailey 1The chart on the left is in the Alice Bailey, material and was the first detailed description of the embrace of lower and higher in a twirling colorful flower expressing the unfolding and blossoming of the human being through the stages of the classroom earth-life.

I made some corrections in the chart from the text.  Lotus Bailey 2It must be born in mind that we see progressive building up of the picture over time in the literature and that no-one messenger will ever have all the information and messengers are going to be wrong or incomplete in some things until some other teacher comes along who can add true stuff to the structure.  The connections shown at left I have tried to incorporate into various presentations.  This study and research and note-taking is in abeyance as I try to jot down here some brush-strokes of information as the fruit of my own sense of obligation.

Lotus Energies 3In the fall of 2008 I was in Germany with limited resources but I looked into Torkom Saraydarian's presentation and made an attempt to chart it. The work was interrupted as certain features needed to be compared to other offerings to try and eliminate speculations and errors.

In science, consensus is not really significant. In the research of published truths it is. This has been my method of proceeding. I try to draw at least from as much of the thread of this great tradition as I can, and put back together pieces that should never have been disparate pieces of that body of teaching. they are not separate..


In the sketch below is the summary of a section of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p.544, combined with information from Laurency.  Our 'causal' body is said to have been given each one of us at causalization.  In old terminology this is 'individuation'. Lotus Energies 5It both encloses us and has a focal form in the upper mentality, enclosing the upper three regions of the mental existence.  In this way the triune qualities are applied through these regions to the petals of the flower.  The top three sub-planes are 47:3, 47:2 and 47:1.  These handle influence qualified by the three Aspects, the first three Departments.  As such we say  that 47:3 is associated with the three Knowledge petals, corresponding to the stage of development in the Hall of Ignorance, 47:2 with the the 'Love' petals, corresponding to the Second or Love-Wisdom aspect and related to the stage called the Hall of Knowledge.  Finally 47:1 influences life in the Hall of Wisdom.  The activation is of course more complex and part of something far more complex. Including the activation of the three inner petals and the significance of passing from the human kingdom to the fifth kingdom, becoming am incipient second self and beginning to activate the matter and consciousness of Buddhi, beginning with 46:7.




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