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Hylozoic Human Synthetic Anatomy

Chapter 3

The First Self Triad


21 Subplanes of the First SelfFocusing down upon the human world we can examine in greater depth the densest three sub-planes on the Cosmic Physical Plane, 47:1 through 49:7

There is much talk about enlightenment and expanded awareness today, but Hylozoics allows us to take a measured look and helps us locate ourselves (literally our 'selves') upon the skeleton of our entire anatomy.  When we do this we get an honest and sober and accurate account of our make-up, the qualities of our Path as we rise to meet lifewave III from the Spirit aspect.  We realize that the extended universe is for all practical purposes infinite and unknowable in the purely physical sense, but also, and more significantly practically infinite in its ever more subtle and inclusive *higher* realms.  We hardly reach the middle of the Cosmic Physical great septenary of strata, let alone venture into the next great septenate, the Cosmic Emotional or mental realms.  No, in our sphere we see their  dimmest of reflections in our own physical and emotional and mental worlds. 

Most people on earth these days are still emotionally polarized.  There are seven divisions of the emotional world 48 which stretch from the lower repulsive stages to the higher attractive stages.  A vast range of sensibilities from the crude to the sublime aesthetic and saintly devotion exist in this world alone.

The first triad, or personality consists of eighteen 'molecular' kinds and three 'permanent atoms'.  In each level there is one permanent atom through which the Monad eventually assumes full control.  Below the atom are six molecular kinds and these are the rungs up from the most dense manifestation in matter to the most subtle manifestations in thought and pure ideation.  Matter exists in the entire range of the metaphysical anatomy and universe.  It is merely of a different, finer and more subtle and fiery type in higher worlds.  What we call 'matter' should be called 'physical matter', because there are many types of superphysical matters.

Beginning from the lowest levels, we start with the strata of solids, then liquids and gases.  Beyond those there are three more traditionally called etheric.  These consist of plasma, the identified functions of physics and pranic and energy-body manifestations usually called 'etheric'.


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